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Yes, I also renamed to #chlorine-clover so it's easier to find on Slack 🙂

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Every time I tried a socket repl I got annoyed. Mostly about having to do in-ns all the time. I feel nREPL does more for me. How do you folks not mind it? (Is it something I'm missing? Like some nifty workflow?)


Chlorine already adds the in-ns if it detects a namespace in the current editor 🙂


@claudius.nicolae Are you typing into the REPL? Or just eval'ing from an editor?


Eval from editor, but not Chlorine.


Hmm, I thought only Chlorine/Clover supported Socket REPL. What editor/plugin are you using for Clojure stuff?


Cursive, a while back, workfolk got me a license. In hindsight, it was not a socket repl, it was just "not nREPL" (clojure main something - not sure what cursive does there when you don't pick nREPL).


I imagine clojure main and socket yield rather similar repls.


Ah, a plain text REPL. Yeah, I wouldn't expect Cursive's support of that to be as solid as for nREPL. You'd be in the same boat with inferior lisp mode in Emacs.


What Chlorine/Clover do is side-load unrepl over the Socket REPL which provides a lot more functionality (at the cost of complexity dealing with the REPL internally for the plugin). That's what provides eval interruption and some other stuff.

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I would probably use Emacs more if it had a decent Socket REPL package (there is one but it's pretty basic and a bit flaky).


curious what you consider the minmum feature set you'd like. i use a custom socket repl arrangement in emacs as i had problems with inf-clojure at various times.


@UG1C3AD5Z I can't remember what was missing last time I looked at the socket REPL package for Emacs -- I just remember that I ran into a wall pretty quickly with it, based on what I expected to be able to do...


@U04V70XH6 thanks -- i was curious about the "expected to be able to do" part. but i can understand if you don't have any of that spelled out.


@UG1C3AD5Z Sorry, I just don't remember. It was some time last year when I tried it and I quickly went back to Atom/Chlorine at the time.


thanks in any case :)