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Igor Garcia09:05:05

Hello. Just wanted to share this. I was having issues again with my current clj project, freezing on jack-in (I could un-freeze it with C-d 3 or 4 times). Similar to Last time I've fixed that by upgrading some packages and dependencies but this time it was harder. I was trying to debug it but gave up and decided to move to develop branch, now everything is faster and no freezing. So I really recommend it. Just follow @jr0cket’s advice and don't be afraid of develop 🙂

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Once Spacemacs 0.300.x is released, it should be okay to be on master again. Until that time, develop is the most stable version for Clojure development.

Andrea Imparato11:05:51

has it every happened to anybody that spacemacs sometimes completely loses the undo stack?


@andrea.imparato Yes... Something seems to have stopped a full undo history being kept sometime in the last month or three...


I really would like to figure out what is causing this bug. Later this week I will do some testing to see if its a package or if its something in Spacemacs itself.


does anyone run into the problem where the spacemacs menu is stuck in the open state?


Never seen this. Can you expand on what's happening?


I assume it's not a transient state menu, but the menu when you press SPC by itself


Is the spacemacs menu sticking for a particular key press, always sticking or just at random?


If it's a specific key press then it could be an issue with a package. If it's random, then it will be very hard to diagnose without starting with a clean Spacemacs setup. If that the case, try moving your .spacemacs and resarting Emacs


hi @jr0cket I find that sometimes the minibuffer gets stuck in the "open" state - probably because of typing the wrong keystroke. The problem is solved by restarting Emacs but I thought there might have been a well-known "reset minibuffer" command that I wasn't aware of.


to be more specific about the problem itself: the minibuffer remains open with the which-key menu showing after the SPC command has been completed

Andrea Imparato15:05:02

another question, is there a way to add a layer “on the fly” or do I always have to restart emacs?


Spacemacs will prompt you to install a layer if you open a recognised file extension, eg. if you open project.clj Spacemacs would ask you if you want to install the layer. For all but the simplest of layers, I would always recommend a restart of Emacs though




If I remember it right

Andrea Imparato15:05:50

it seems you do @ag 🙂


does anyone know how I can automatically indent with-let (from reagent) the same way as normal let?


at the moment it works like this:

(with-let [a {:some "value"}
           another-a {:some "other value"}])
and I’d like to indent it as
(with-let [a         {:some "value"}
           another-a {:some "other value"}])


(add-to-list 'clojure-align-binding-forms "with-let")
M-x clojure-align  or <, f l>


It already seems to be there in the latest version of clojure-mode.el

(defcustom clojure-align-binding-forms
  '("let" "when-let" "when-some" "if-let" "if-some" "binding" "loop"
    "doseq" "for" "with-open" "with-local-vars" "with-redefs")
  "List of strings matching forms that have binding forms."
  :package-version '(clojure-mode . "5.1")
  :safe #'listp
  :type '(repeat string))


that’s awesome, thank you!