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And now yet new alpha-build. This time fixing a strange figwheel-sidecar exception stopping cljs jack-in from working in some projects. Help me check that it still works in the projects you have been using Calva 2, please, friends.


And. I will go crazy if this new version is not released very soon. So will try hard to use my free time for fixing the most urgent issues and will release within a two week time frame, almost no matter what. I will need help with testing and please feel welcome to ask me about how you can help with making the release as smooth at the edges as we can. (It will be pretty rough, as it looks now, but holding the release is no longer a viable option, me thinks.)


Hey, this is your decision, of course, but why imposing artificial deadlines on yourself? This is a sure way to get burnout. I am very thankful for your work on Calva and have absolutely no expectations as to when a new release would come.


Same here! I’m thankful already ❤️

Jivago Alves09:05:02

Totally agree with @UHBCE1X7D. I'd prefer to have you @pez maintaining Calva for a longer time in a more sustainable way for you than have you burned out now. 🙂


I appreciate your concern greatly. ❤️ I have a major burnout behind me, and know what a hell that is. But not too worry, Calva is not even tickling me in that direction. Even if this long disconnect between what we are developing on and what people are using out there is extremely frustrating. See the deadline as a way for me to avoid burnout. 😎

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When Calva 2 is out we will need to fold in and focus on quality, so that Calva can get more maintainable. It is way too hairy under the hood right now.

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New alpha-build released. Fixing an issue where connect would fail if the active window editor wasn’t really an editor. (E.g. if focus was in an output channel pane or something.)


@pez, I just built from dev branch


seems to work fine, but I'm at a loss to see where I set the opt-out for figwheel kicking up a browser on :3449


also, I'm not sure that it's waiting for compilation of cljs to finish. My stuff takes like 120 seconds to build, and it kicks up much quicker than that.