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i've been using kixi.stats a little bit and i'm curious if there's any obvious reason why that library doesn't wrap it's reducing fns to provide a non-transducer interface as well, so you can just get the mean of collection, instead of having to (transduce identity mean (range 10))


possibly one for @U050T8VTR


@U064UGEUQ I have considered introducing a basic API but never followed through because those functions wouldn’t compose in the useful way reducing functions do, and they’re so trivially constructed in client code e.g. (def my-mean (partial transduce identity kixi/mean)). Worth noting also that there are other libraries that will calculate seq > stat more efficiently than kixi.stats if you don’t need the flexibility of reducing functions.


it seems like both cases are useful at different times and it would be convenient to have both be based on the same code, but transducing everywhere feels a little awkward, as does wrapping things in user land