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Sam H09:09:11

does spacemacs have anything for saving a window layout and the associated files?

Sam H09:09:57

nvm, seems like it’s layouts-transient-state (`SPC l`)


@shan there are multiple approaches. None of them have ever worked all that well for me, but other folks have had good luck. desktop might be the first thing to look into:

Sam H15:09:34

atm I’m using SPC p l to create a new layout based on a project and then doing SPC p s to save that to file

Sam H15:09:01

SPC l <num> for switching between. This seems fine for my workflow but I’ll give that link a read


is there a multiple cursor mode? Like can I make a whole bunch of cursors in spacemacs?


@alexkeyes there's better - there's iedit mode