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@dpsutton the 1 year term is only the maintenance period. The license is perpetual

Ertugrul Cetin11:09:24

Hi @marshall , can I use HA(High Availability) feature with Datomic Pro Starter Edition license?


@ertucetin yes, since last Nov all features of Datomic are available with Starter


as long as you’re using version 0.9.5530 or newer

Ertugrul Cetin12:09:26

@marshall thanks for the reply!

Ertugrul Cetin14:09:15

Hey guys when I run this command: bin/datomic -Xmx4g -Xms4g backup-db "file:///Users/ertugrulcetin/Desktop/backup-dir" "datomic:" I get this error: :storage/invalid-uri Unsupported protocol: datomic any ideas?


@ertucetin looks like you reversed the args for backup-db, should be from-db-uri to-backup-uri

Ertugrul Cetin15:09:32

@terjesb oww let me try like that then

Ertugrul Cetin15:09:30

@terjesb it worked thanks!, silly mistake 😕


Does anyone know how to surface TransactionMsec and StorageGetMsec Datomic metrics in AWS CloudWatch?


Apparently the transactor is already recording them.


But the metrics I see under cloudwatch > metrics > EC2 > Per Instance Metrics > (search for the instance id: <my-id>) don’t map to what I see here.

Ethan Miller20:09:00

Hi all, I have a question about schema naming conventions. Say I have an entity defn :metadata/tags that is a reference type with cardinality many and is also configured as a component. The components items for this reference entity are individual content tags. I'm unclear what's the best way to name the tags. Currently, I'm thinking of this:

{:db/ident            :metadata/tags
  :db/valueType        :db.type/ref
  :db/cardinality      :db.cardinality/many
  :db/isComponent      true}
 {:db/ident            :tag
  :db/valueType        :db.type/keyword
  :db/cardinality      :db.cardinality/one
  :db/index            true}
 {:db/ident            :empty}
Is there a better way to setup the naming here?


what is :tag?


{:metadata/tags [{:tag/name "the-name" :tag/whatever "foo"} ...] is the design I would expect @ezmiller77

Ertugrul Cetin21:09:39

hey @marshall, I'm getting this error when using restore-db , clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Key missing in storage {:tail "59c2b291-c5b9-48cb-acdf-e4d581a9c33a", :t nil, :v nil, :prev nil} any ideas?


Does datomic-console support not (or or) in queries? it seems to change (not [...]) to ["not" [...]]