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@ag @eggsyntax - thanks for the input. Good to know that y'all have a good experience with evil-mode macros. I'm not sure what the deal is. I have learned that I can't rely on macros in evil-mode the same way that I did in vim, because something about them fails sometimes. I know one specific unsupported use case was one that @ag already mentioned: macros that move to a different buffer. (In Vim I'm used to the end of my macro being something like :wn^Mgg to save and move to the beginning of the next buffer, at which point I run my macro again, but such things seem not to be possible in evil-mode.) I'll keep an eye out for other things that don't seem to work. Maybe I'm just using it wrong and/or could switch to standard emacs macros and not have these problems.


One thing, not related to macros, but related to evil and vim being different, is that if I enter e.g lisp mode to do a sexpr edit, I can't repeat it with the dot


Which I guess makes sense in some way, but it's quite disturbing if you're coming from vim and use the dot a lot


I use macros pretty often, but I have to admit I’m not quite enough of a vim macro fiend to have recorded macros that move between buffers. I bow before your vim-fu, @jeff.terrell 🙇