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hi all 🙂 i've just started an http-kit project with lein template what's the easiest way to integrate swagger into it? do note i'm a clojure newbie 🙂


@buzzdan you could use one of the higher level web libs, which extract swagger-stuff from schema or spec models. There is a list of libs in the ring-swagger readme. I think the smallest working sample is via lein new compojure-api my-api


@ikitommi thanks for the quick reply is composure-api higher level than http kit or just another http lib?


http-kit is a web server (like jetty or tomcat), compojure api add things like model validation, exception handling and request formatting. compojure-api needs a web server, which can be http-kit, immutant, jetty, netty, aleph, weblogic etc.


you can definetely do swagger with plain http-kit, but need to build the validations etc. by yourself.