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Does anyone know how to get org-mode to automatically wrap lines at the word once they reach 80 characters in length?


does SPC t l not work?


@U1C03090C - Do you mean wrapping in the sense of g q q, where it inserts line breaks into your file, or in the sense of visually wrapping the text around without changing the file, as @U0G75ARHC's SPC t l command does? The former doesn't always work for me in org-mode (though it does sometimes). I'm not sure why. I suspect either there's a bug/missing feature somewhere in the org/evil combination, or else there's some org-mode convention or format that would be violated by wrapping that way. I haven't taken the time to look into it, but if you figure it out I'd be interested to know it!


@U1C03090C the command SPC t l toggles truncate-lines in a buffer, the same as wrap lines in other editors. truncate-lines will wrap at what ever size the buffer window is. I think this is off by default, as org-table can look weird in org-mode with truncate lines on. There may be some other minor conflicts If truncate-line is what you want and wish to have it on by default, you can add the following to .spacemacs in the dotspacemacs/user-config section: (add-hook 'org-mode-hook (lambda () (setq truncate-lines t)))


Thanks for the help. I have truncate lines on, but I really have it as a backup, as jrockret said it can make things look weird. I prefer to have a line break after every 80 characters or so, I'll look into jeff's suggestion.