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@donyorm when you say “inside the same repl” do you mean that you expect the file to be on disk after you run the task, or is your repl inside the task pod or something like that?


I opened a repl, ran (boot (garden :styles-var ' then (slurp "main.css"), but slurp could not find the files (boot garden said it ouputted to main.css)


right, I see - you need (boot (comp (garden :styles-var ' (target)))


tasks receive, modify, and pass on an ephemeral fileset; target is the builtin task for “write the fileset you get to disk”


I’ve been bitten by that more than once 🙂


do you have to do that when you're only accessing it from the repl?


I don't really want to save it yet, I just need it on the classpath for testing


I honestly thought this worked earlier, but I may have had some loose files


hm - I’ll bet that it is possible to include a file in the repl fileset without committing it to disk but my boot-fu is not strong enough for such heroics, I’m afraid.


ok then I'll stick to writing it to the disk


@donyorm try io/resource before slurp


That worked. For some bizarre reason I got into my head that I needed to class .getResource directly. Sorry about that slightly dumb mistake 🙂


does boot-reload support firefox, or does it only work in chrome? boot-reload works fine in chrome for me the exact same code, when a 'reload' occurs in firefox, gives me the error:

Reload websocket connected.  boot_reload:57:30
/main.out/client/main.cljs.cache.edn  boot_reload:67:2
/main.out/client/  boot_reload:67:2
/main.out/adzerk/  boot_reload:67:2
/main.out/boot/cljs/  boot_reload:67:2
/main.out/client/main.cljs  boot_reload:67:2
/main.out/client/main.js  boot_reload:67:2
/main.out/adzerk/boot_reload.js  boot_reload:67:2
/main.out/boot/cljs/main1218.js  boot_reload:67:2
TypeError: is not a function[Learn More]  boot_reload:47:4
	adzerk$boot_reload$reload$reload_js boot_reload:47:4
	adzerk$boot_reload$reload$reload boot_reload:86:4
	<anonymous> boot_reload:39:3
	G__12138__3 core.cljs:10539:7
	adzerk.boot_reload.client.connect.cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2/< boot_reload:62:26 
I'm now trying to figure out if I'm using boot-reload incorrectly or if it only supports chrome.


missing loadMany sounds like problem with old boot-reload and new clojurescript (which uses new closure-lib which removed that fn)


could be cache issue (boot-reload or closure file cached) if it is working on one browser but not in other


@U061V0GG2 : lol, this is twice you've helped me; last time, I updated cljs (but didn't change boot-reload); I've just uploaded boot-reload now, and everything works


from now on, anytime anything breaks, I'm updating everything to latest first


It is a bit unfortunate boot cljs tooling has a had a few of these problems lately, which have caused the tools to break after updating cljs


but I can't go back and fix the bad assumptions I have made, so I just release fixes and try to note the fixes on changelogs 🙂


in case my comments came off as snarky -- your bug fixes are much appreciated 🙂 // in fact, as I ponder on this issue, it's very hard to write helpful error msgs -- because, by definition, these breaks happens because "future cljs" breaks an assumption "current boot-reload" is using


actually, one hypothetical (probably other bad side effects) thing to do would be: 1. every version of boot-x has a corresponding cljs-y version tagged 2. then on exception, if cljs version > y, it prints "this boot-x was intended for cljs-y, you're using cljs-y+1" along with the original msg


@qqq it works in firefox


@dominicm : thanks for confirming; I must be doing something really weird to have it work in chrome but error in firefox