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@richiardiandrea have you got a way of wrapping shadow into the boot fileset?


No well, I consider shadow a standalone project and I would not even try that :)


Maybe you could try something like this?

(deftask memes []
  (let [output (tmp-dir!)
        work (tmp-dir!)]  ; directory of files for shadow to work against
    (with-pre-wrap fileset
      (let [input-dirs (->> fileset
                            (by-ext [".lol"]) ; filter the files you need
                            (into #{} (map tmp-dir)))]
        (apply sync! work less-dirs)          ; put them in the work directory
        (do-stuff work output)                ; do your shadow stuff here
        (-> fileset
            (add-resource output)             ; add the result to the fileset


is something wrong with the latest clojurescript or boot-cljs, or maybe it's carmine? i had to add these dependencies for boot-cljs to compile my project without weird crashes and errors: [commons-codec/commons-codec "1.10"] [ "21.0"]


found those by googling and ended up on the mailing list


i can send the errors if no one knows what causes this?


@cjhowe so guava & commons-codec are both things we've had to exclude & such due to general dependency conflicts (`boot show -d`)


usually it's something bringing in an old guava, and clojurescript expecting a newer one.


I think boot show --pedantic can show you conflicts


cool, thanks!


So I'm having an issue where an item in as task isn't being added to the classpath even though they are being written (it's a css file created with boot garden). It's being added with add-resource (inside the task internals), but isn't accessible with slurp inside the same repl as where it's created. Am I missing something about how filesets work?