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I'm trying to refactor a symbol (rename), but the behavior is a bit unexpected: 1. SPC m r r s 2. symbol to replace 3. new name 4. I get a message that there were 5 occurences found, and in the file I'm working in, it seems it is renamed However... what actually seems to have happened: * a new file with the same name in a different directory is created * the original file is still the same or: I have 2 files: 1. <project-home>/src/clj/core.clj 2. .boot/cache/..../718/-jnm801/my-project/core.clj How to make this temporary change permanent?


2nd unrelated question: Can clojure/fancify-symbols be extended or customized? I really like a more symbolic code - it's easier/more relaxed to read. I had some other symbols 'fancified' in vim. I'm working about a year in spacemacs now, and I really miss some of them. The most relevant once, to me: * and * or * not ¬ * let := * recur * -> * ->> (and I used some for core.async as well)


@bja right... so, you mean forking spacemacs and changing that function? (I'm not used to configuring emacs/spacemacs). Or can I just override/extend that function somewhere?


(I mean, forking the whole thing just to add a few lines of code does seem a bit weird to me, so I suppose there's a better way)


If you create something you want to make part of Spacemacs, then the video I posted here on the 14th walks you through adding a change to Spacemacs. Almost all of it can be done inside Spacemacs.


you could just add code to your dotspacemacs/user-config


(eval-after-load 'clojure-mode '(progn .....))


Allright, thx. That'll do, I guess. 👍


(eval-after-load 'clojure-mode
      'clojure-mode `(("(\\(fn\\)[\[[:space:]]" ...   
seems to work. Thanks for pointing me there!