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I’m trying to require doo for a project i’m working in… all the examples I see use the old :refer-macros syntax:


But cljs now uses newer syntax which I’m trying to use.. I’ve looked at examples and I’m not sure if I’m doing it right because I can’t get my tests to run… I’m using


so it looks like js->clj doesn’t convert UintXArray types? does anyone know if there’s rationale for this? or a best practice for dealing with these types in cljs?


ah, looks like those arrays are also iterable, so i can use the iterator converter


Does doo still work? I keep getting a “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: doo” and can’t find any help online yet


@bellp I use it. I have a template for the fulcro project that might be of some help:


Hi, I'm building a little vertical site with Enlive. I love it. Owner ask me some animation so... well I'm relative new to Cljs. What is best library for animating elements?


Has anyone interacted with the Youtube Data API v3 from Clojurescript? If so how do you recommend I do so as well?


@kasuko I did, it's quite easy, you just need a way to handle the HTTP requests, if you are not hold by old browsers I suggest just use the JS fetch api


@wilkerlucio Excellent, so the requests are easy enough to form. Awesome I will just interact with it manually. Thanks!


Hi, has anyone here used cljs.js/eval-script? For some reason I am getting a eval_str is not defined. error. I suspect I am not including something that I should on my project.clj but I am lost as what that might be


Is there some way to set *warn-on-infer* via a cljs-build build map?


Or do you just have to put that code somewhere in a namespace


Lein seems to have :global-vars for clj, but don’t think that’s suitable for this in cljs


In which I mean (set! *warn-on-infer* true)


@mikerod No, *warn-on-infer* is meant to be file-scoped. See


Oh, I read that, but didn’t pick up on the “file local” part. I just thought it was saying the flag wouldn’t be globally enabled - woops


thanks for pointing that out


I can see why that’d make sense


I managed to have cljs.js/eval-str working on the lein figwheel REPL (rhino based), but still no luck on the browser, as I still get eval_str is not defined, confused...


nobody cares about me 😭


@kors are you using React? React has some utilities for animation


@samcf actually not. That's the problem. It is made of some simple pages with some dynamic content. Nothing more.


@tiagoantao Do you see any errors when you (require 'cljs.js) in the browser REPL?


I sorted it out. I suspect figwheel did not recompile everything when I added the reader. Thanks


I sorted it out. I suspect figwheel did not recompile everything when I added the reader. Thanks


anyone know where this issue ended up?


looks like it was declined because the root cause was in tools.reader but there are no links


i (might) be experiencing the bug currently


anything one knows why? I have figwheel running on 7002 and cider-connect to it.but it seems that cider consider it as a clj repl not cljs repl.


when cider-connects, it gets you a CLJ repl only. this is not CLJS. to get the cljs repl you need the browser connect to it. If you are using the default figwheel template, then type (cljs-repl) in this CLJ repl. This will start the cljs repl and it will wait till a browser connection. Then open the browser, it will automatically connect to it, and then you will get the promp cljs.user=> in this CLJ repl and the CIDER starts treating as a CLJS repl. Then you can continue with your usual code evaluation directly from the buffer.


Typically I start a plain lein repl from an external shell. Then cider-connect to it. And in the emacs CLJ repl, use (fig-start) to start the figwheel server. then (cljs-repl). All the while the external repl is kept running in the background. do not kill it.