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Hey all, is there a way to start re-natal/cljs lein figwheel android as a spacemacs repl (if that question makes any sense)? What I mean is: now, I start a shell in emacs and run lein figwheel android to start the cljs repl (figwheel). However, that does mean it does not support the usual repl support spacemacs has for clj/cljs, like shortkeys to copy code to the repl etc. So, I'd like to be able to start the 'fighweel android repl' as a normal repl SPC m s i or SPC m s c.


@claudiu assuming parinfer is an emacs package you could try adding it to dotspacemacs-additional-packages '(parinfer) in your .spacemacs file. I have not tried parinfer myself in this way and you may need to add some keybindings in dotspacemacs/user-config


@jr0cket worked nicely just by adding the files from the pull request