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can I use some css file installed by npm install without copy them into resources/public? should I use webpack? or there is a some simpler way?


A symlink might be a better way - I've used those with Git without problems.


Eg ln -s resources/public/styles.css node_modules/foobar/styles.css


but, will symlink work on windows?


Using shadow-cljs and deps.edn together - what is the minimal amount of configuration necessary? Reading, it's suggested to use :deps true in the shadow-cljs.edn config file, but below that, it's stated that one must add thheller/shadow-cljs to deps.edn, and the example states to add it in :extra-deps, which in turn seems to require an alias, according to both the example and the deps ref: Using an alias in turn means that :deps true is not enough, since one need to specify the alias, eg :deps {:aliases [:cljs]} . If this is correctly interpreted, I'd suggest removing the :deps true example for the next newcomer 🙂


But the documentation isn't for newcomers, it's for everybody.


Sure, but if it's not possible at all to use :deps true, it might be a blocker, especially for newcomers.


It is possible!


Moving some dependencies under aliases just makes sure that you don't bring unneeded stuff along. Well, most of the time. Since you don't need shadow-cljs to actually run release versions of applications, it makes sense to move it under an alias that's only used during the development and UI release.


I’m running tests for my browser application using the node-target, but now I have some code that uses js/window and am trying to use jsdom in a sensible way. The best I’ve come up with so far is conditional initialization in src files, i.e., if there is no window present, make a fake one with jsdom . I’m curious if there’s a better way, though. Would build hooks be a possible alternative? Does anyone have any experience with this problem?

Filipe Silva01:11:44

In create-cljs-app I just made a node only entry point that adds jsdom


Thanks! I’ll take a look!


I prefer to use karma or some other headless browser to run my tests, rather than running tests in Node.js