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Re 'removing reagent as a dependency' it has been done before in significant forks such as 'Pastoral'. E.g. replaces reagent with a Unity 3d game engine renderer in C-sharp running on .NET CLR but keeps all the other parts (events, fx, cofx etc) of re-frame as-is. I don't see it happening in re-frame itself soon or even ever as there is quite a tight coupling between e.g. views, subs, reagent hiccup and reagent.core/ratom's. It would break pretty much any re-frame user's application which is something to be avoided. As such I see the place for these kind of changes in forks. E.g. one could imagine a 'rum-frame' (if it doesn't exist already). @y.khmelevskii @shaun-mahood @mikethompson @lilactown


@superstructor Pastoral looks pretty awesome! I’ve definitely got to come up with a good reason I need to use it at work :)


Thanks 😄 I also need to come up with that reason. Havn't touched it since 2018 so I need to find some spare time to bring it up to date with the latest upstream changes in Arcadia (Clojure in Unity) and the Unity 3D APIs itself as those change release-to-release. This was built on Unity ~2017.2 - 2017.4 - 2018.2-ish and now Unity is up to 2019.2 releases.


Cont. “removing reagent dependency” - I’ve been experimenting with a re-write to use with hx Very experimental right now.

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I think time slicing is a game changer for any apps that might need to do low priority work (e.g. updating subscriptions, saving things to local storage) without causing rendering jank.

Ramon Rios17:11:42

Guys, wich options for style you guys use in re-frame application?


Do you mean components, or just specifically styling in terms of theming ?


re-com is based on bootstrap.

Ramon Rios17:11:17 Am i able to install a bootstrap style like these one?