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Hi, we have a pure cljs project built with shadow-cljs that has a need for headless browser based integration tests. We normally use for this but after reading the manual I can't see an obvious way of writing the tests in clj. Has anyone done this before? I'd rather avoid bringing in another build tool for this.


You mean writing them in cljs? I don't think that's possible with etaoin. You'd have to switch to something JS-based, e.g. cypress


Or did you mean that you want shadow-cljs to run clj?


shadow-cljs clj-run could help


The latter. I would probably just use boot to run the clj tests before trying to do it myself with clj-run. I was just wondering if there was a simple solution I was missing with shadow-cljs


clj-run is that simple solution. you just create a clojure function in some namespace and call that using clj-run


but shadow-cljs is focused on CLJS so running CLJ stuff might be better served using boot or so


Hi, I wrote a small post on using shadow to target (vanilla) react-native codebase and run it on an iOS simulator in Linux (using vbox) There is an accompanying repository here: The resulting workflow is quite snappy and non-obtrusive - hopefully someone can find it useful.

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