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Math in JavaScript is an object, right? How can I access that object in ClojureScript? I know I can do Math/pow for example to call a method of it, but how can I view the object without calling any methods? Just doing js/Math results in #js {} which is an empty object? I'm confused. 😛


That is because Math properties are not enumerable: You can use getOwnPropertyNames ( to get list of properties. So if you wanted map of properties, you could do:

(->> (.getOwnPropertyNames js/Object js/Math)
       (map (fn [prop]
              [prop (goog.object/get js/Math prop)]))
       (into {}))


@oskarkv view as a clj hashmap?


(js->clj js/Math) should do it


methods and properties should be accessed as you'd typically do it


(.abs js/Math -1)


(.-E js/Math)


@deadghost (js->clj js/Math) returns {}


@oskarkv are any props or methods working?


Yes, they work fine


how are you viewing the object?


I don't understand


are you looking at it with the browser console?


No, with CIDER/Emacs


are you compiling it to target the browser?


(.log js/console js/Math) somewhere in code that will get run in the browser


and check the console


I've actually never got cljs hooked up into cider


Yeah logging like that showed the JS object


are there any projects working on running a self-hosted cljs repl in the browser/in node/electron? 🙂


I've played around a bit with lumo, but from what I can tell, you can't really require it from node


I've read a little on replumb, and I think it's in the right direction, but I don't actually understand what it does

Michaël Salihi07:07:30

Hi guys ! Question : when using Reagent and cljs-ajax library, what is better place to put loading state ? On local state component Reagent atom or on global state ? Can I use form-2 component like this ? Without using form-3's :component-did-mount ?

(defn my-component []
  (let [is-loading? (reagent/atom true)]
    (fetch-from-api?) ;; <-- cljs-ajax call
    (fn []
      (if @is-loading?
        [:p "loading..."]
        [:p "Content loaded"]))))
Thx 🙂

Michaël Salihi07:07:31

Like that it works, but I must pass the ratom state in the fetch-from-api argument and use :finally to reset! is-loading to nil and I'm sure is not clean, isn't it ? (fetch-from-api is-loading?)

Michaël Salihi07:07:55

(defn fetch-from-api
  [id is-loading?]
  (let [url (str "" id "?api_key=" api_token "&language=fr")]
    (GET url
      {:handler #(reset! film %)
       :finally #(reset! is-loading? nil)
       :error-handler (fn [{:keys [status status-text]}]
                        (js/console.log status status-text))
       :response-format :json
       :raw true})))


Greetings, I’m requiring an NPM package (material-ui, to be precise) and I learned that if I want to import a single icon I can use the following require line:

["@material-ui/icons" :refer [Add]]
This works, however it imports all icons withing @material-ui/icons instead of just Add (approx. 5000) The alternative route to fix this is:
["@material-ui/icons/Add" :default Add]
Now we only require Add and it all works. My question is, if I want to import 10 icons I’d have to write this 10 times. Is there by any chance a require key like :refer but only imports what I need?


I honestly doubt it but I thought it was worth asking anyway

Alexis Vincent12:07:12

Hi guys, Im trying to build a lib and I need to be able to register a handler for dismount from within a reagent component, without being able to control the component call site. I want to be able to do something like this.

(defn component []
  (on-dismout #(js/console.log "dismounted"))
  (fn []
I’ve tried a few things, but none of them are ideal. this kind of gets there
(defn on-dismount [f]
  (let [reaction (.-cljsRatom (r/current-component))]
    (ratom/add-on-dispose! reaction f)))
but cljsRatom is not defined on first render.
(.-isMounted (.-updater (r/current-component) ) (r/current-component)
requires me to register a polling service and won’t be particularly quick This also kind of works
(defn on-dismount [f]
  (let [id (rand-int 1000)
        reaction (ratom/make-reaction (constantly true)
                                      :on-set (constantly nil)
                                      :on-dispose f)]

But the caller needs to keep derefing the return value, in render cycle Anyone have an idea?


I only read about it today, but I think you might be able to use with-let and a finally block

Alexis Vincent12:07:52

yeah! but unfortunately I think that requires to change call site, so you’re in the same predicament as a higher order component

Alexis Vincent12:07:53

maybe not…

(defn mouse-pos []
  (r/with-let [pointer (r/atom nil)
               handler #(swap! pointer assoc
                               :x (.-pageX %)
                               :y (.-pageY %))
               _ (.addEventListener js/document "mousemove" handler)]
      (.removeEventListener js/document "mousemove" handler))))

(defn tracked-pos []
   "Pointer moved to: "
   (str @(r/track mouse-pos))])

Alexis Vincent12:07:26

Thanks, i’ll experiment

Alexis Vincent12:07:04

yeah, same problem. Need to keep derefing the reaction for it to not trigger the dispose immediately


oh you need to write the actual function on-dismount that takes another function, rather than writing a component that runs some code on dismount?


Hi guys i got question about interop with react semantic ui i find strange behavior is the example and i am playing with concept of knowing if view is mobile. so i am using

(-> ui/Responsive
and that works but i wanted to use (goog-obj/get ui/Responsive #js ["onlyMobile" "maxWidth"]) but that is nil then i used (goog-obj/get ui/Responsive #js ["onlyMobile"]) and i get
#js {:minWidth 320, :maxWidth 767}
then i would have to use something like
(:maxWidth (js->clj (goog-obj/get ui/Responsive #js ["onlyMobile"])
                                             :keywordize-keys true))
(get (js->clj (goog-obj/get ui/Responsive #js ["onlyMobile"])) "maxWidth")
in this weird or i am doing something wrong?

Michaël Salihi22:07:01

Hello @lepistane You can use getValueByKeys : (goog-obj/getValueByKeys ui/Responsive #js ["onlyMobile" "maxWidth"])

👍 1
Michaël Salihi22:07:14

From the doc : > Get a value from an object multiple levels deep

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