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Every time I see that open source bounty thing you're doing @functionaltom it makes me want to set fire to things. It seems like you're set on creating a new class of gig programmer who is even less secure than an hourly contractor.


I really hope folks have more self-respect thank that, and of course actual employment options


you're also making one of your engineers responsible for deciding whether it's worth paying someone for their time, based on whether their solution meets your engineers particular tastes and prejudices


and you're selecting against people who take longer and do better more thoughtful work as aresult


first because they'll lose the race, and second because who is ever going to do more than an hour's work for the possibility of a lottery win of $150?


So, I understand some of your points, and they have been shared with other members of the community.


I will definitely pass them onto our product team


sure, if you want - I'm not starting an argument, just telling you why I'll never have anything to do with a company that plays these kinds of games, and will advise others to similarly steer clear. I suspect that's the only feedback that has any hope of touching those stone cold hearts. But I'm not expecting changes. Just be aware, i'm hostile, not neutral


@j0ni it is for an open source EPL licensed project - I don't see the problem. You're making a lot of assumptions, and some of your arguments apply to regular unpaid open source work too. It's crazy how you're making a bounty offer on an issue out to be an act of repression.


I'm aware it applies to open source in general. The ability to work for free without starving is a privileged position to be in.


And it's oppression, not repression


@j0ni @functionaltom @isak. May I suggest that either the bounty-style hiring ask for its own channel, or to try and open the discussion to a wider public on this channel. This is possibly not a Job discussion, but something else. We rarely have a matter that requires moderation that I am aware of on any of the Clojurians channels.


The Admin team discussed the interaction above this morning and decided no action needs to be taken, but this is a good opportunity to remind people to be mindful of which channel a post "belongs" in and also to remain civil in any discussions. Agreed that what @functionaltom posted is off-topic for this channel (but also would be off-topic for #jobs or #remote-jobs too!). The discussion about what he posted is on-topic for this channel and I think it ran its course already.


I'm not sure if we have any channel for which bounty-style contribution requests would be on-topic so feel free to create, say, #bounty and announce that it exists in #jobs #remote-jobs and this channel.


I suspect discussions about bounty-style hiring could get heated -- it's a topic some people feel very strongly about -- so "think twice, type once" if you want to continue discussing it here.


</admin> 🙂

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Faisal Hasnain20:07:40

@functionaltom I think, it would be beneficial to allocate one dedicated open source developer for the whole project and give him reasonable compensation.

Faisal Hasnain20:07:43

It's not feasible that one developer works on one issue, and then some other developer work on other one, and so on...

Faisal Hasnain20:07:58

it takes sufficient amount of time/effort to really understand some open source project and plan the future work. And it does not make sense to do that for just one issue for few bucks. It will make perfect sense, if you know that you are in charge of something and you have well defined role, its more beneficial to work like that for both sides.

Faisal Hasnain20:07:03

thats my constructive feedback on the subject. Let's not forget that: "cheap is expensive and fast is slow"

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