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@thheller I installed the Calva extension for VScode but never ran any REPL through the ide itself. Only connecting to the project via browser.


im going to try running one of the example projects in the repo and see if i get the same results


Hi I want to ask a question regarding the abandoned foreign-libs in shadow (sorry I am just setting things up with shadow so I am a very new user). I am trying to switch from figwheel to shadow and in my project I am using the monaco editor. Right now I have set up a webpack project just to import monaco and do some language configuration stuff. Then in my cljs project I just use foreign-libs with the usual global-exports option. How should I go about this in shadow?


@gerry I recommend just including the webpack generated code separately via its own script tag and accessing the globals it exports normally via (js/


assuming the monaco-editor still has its weird own packaging style that shadow-cljs can't process


Ok I see.. Yeah it still has this weird packaging. I wanted to include it via cljs in order for the closure compiler to do its magic and have an optimized build. There is no other way around it right?


foreign-libs does not process the JS in any way so the result you get is the same


I doubt that monaco would survive the closure compiler processing


Oh ok I mistakenly thought that foreign-libs would feed the JS through closure. Thanks a lot for clarifying


yeah it is just prepended as is. not processed at all


I see, thanks for taking the time to help me! Have a nice day