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Daniel Hines01:06:04

How is this possible?

(s/conform workspace ws-clj) ;; => :cljs.spec.alpha/invalid
(s/explain-str workspace ws-clj) ;; => "Success!\n"

Daniel Hines01:06:27

s/valid? also returns false.

Daniel Hines01:06:01

Oh, it’s because the invocation was erring out 😕

Daniel Hines01:06:00

For s/explain-str to return “Success!\n” when an exception is thrown seems like a bug.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)01:06:40

It is typically. What’s the spec and the value?

Daniel Hines17:07:23

I tried reproducing it and couldn’t figure out exactly what I did (I was working at the REPL). If I run into it again I’ll try to find a solid repro.