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hello, I'm getting an strange error when trying to load a project from deps:

Error resolving /Users/wilker.lucio/Development/third-part/fulcro-garden-css: java.lang.String cannot be cast to


any idea what that can be?


another interesting point, I'm used to import new projects by dragging the folder, or via terminal idea folder, but now it happens that when the project contains both deps.edn and pom.xml Cursive/IntelliJ seems to prefer the Maven version. Can this be a dialog for the user to choose? and I feel like when this happens getting deps to work is complicated (like the error I described above, when I'm trying to migrate Cursive to understand the project as deps instead of lein I often see it goes a bit crazy)


this is the project I'm having trouble with to import, the deps are pretty simple:


trying invalidating caches but still no luck, is there a way to check for a more detailed error message? java.lang.String cannot be cast to is really not helpful, and there is no stack trace =/


got the trace on the logs, seems something is getting broken inside the process to resolve deps:


ok, found it, there was a syntax error in my deps.edn, when I tried to run another command on the terminal for another reason I got: Error building classpath. Error reading edn. Unmatched delimiter: } (/Users/wilker.lucio/.clojure/deps.edn), would be nice if Cursive could also use that message


@wilkerlucio Interesting, thanks - I’ll try to reproduce that and make sure that error gets replicated.


@cfleming thanks, the error was in my user deps.edn (not in the project one), maybe this gets reported differently


Oh, ok - it looks like it was an unclosed paren or something similar, right?


yeah, I did a silly editing mistake, forgot remove a }


(that's what happens when I use vim instead of paredit for short edits)