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Has anyone here gotten the demo to work with msys2?


what is msys2?


@hlolli the way the current :react-native target works seems to be the only one thats reliable enough. the re-natal/figwheel-bridge approach also works ok-ish but the problem I found with that is that initialization becomes async. so you have to render a temporary "app is loading" component and then swap in the real one once it is loaded


that implies having a different setup for development than production


and also causes problem for things like react-native-navigation as far as I understand it


if the RN folks just fix their source map support everything would be done


as far as I can tell thats the only real issue left


stacktraces, and clojure compile errors (hud), they would come hand in hand with a source map support?


stacktraces require source maps yes


for compile errors all the data we need to available in the compiler


so metro doesn't factor into any of that


Hello, is there a way to require json files, doing something like this (:require ["./multisig-abi.json" :as multisig-abi]) ?


for context I need to read a JSON file as part of a firebase function I'm writing


Maybe JSON.parse from javascript would help? It would give you a js object which you can pass through js->clj if needed.


I'll have to first read the file from disk then, any suggestions on how to do that without having to for example evaluate clojure at compile time by wrapping slurp in a macro ?


The other option is to just rewrite the content of the json file in a def


The only way I would know is using slurp unfortunately.. but maybe that would work.


Awesome, this is exactly what I needed. Thanks 👍


No problem! good luck!


hi there, newbie-ish q about the cljs compiler. I might be asking this in the wrong place, but using shadow to do my compilation so figured I’d try this channel first. is there a way to bundle all generated code up in a single file (like in advanced optimizations), except with no optimizations applied? I’m outputting a node script that’s preloaded on electron webviews. closure modules in non-advanced comp modes try and resolve deps based on relative paths, which doesn’t work in this case as there’s a separate hostname prepended to every dep load. e.g. an output with a main fn in /my/local/lib.js which requires /my/local/dep.js is preloaded onto . when /my/local/lib.js tries to load /my/local/dep.js, it does so as . apologies if that’s a bit confusing. please let me know if so and I can clarify. if anyone has any ideas for how to solve this besides just programming w/ advanced mode turned on, I’m all ears


I recall thheller was working on a :single-file bundle option for node scripts but I think he ran into some blockers


@mss you can set :devtools {:loader-mode :eval} which creates a single file. you'll need to use the :target :browser though since :node-script isn't really the correct target for webviews. see

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