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hello, I have been working on a templating engine for office open xml (docx and pptx) documents. feedback is welcome.

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Just took a quick look and looks like an interesting and useful project. I just found the name confusing, since with stencil I think of and expecting some kind of webcomponent generator.


A 100% kudos on the project. I agree with the above, I think you can benefit from a more descriptive than metaphorical name.


It wouldn't be such a problem but you've not used a unique namespace


hi, thanks for the useful feedback! i start looking for an unique name.

Joe Lane15:05:30

To be clear @U2E1D7WUB, I think dominic specifically means a namespaced project like net.erdos/stencil, not a unique name like erdos-stencil.


@U0CJ19XAM i think the project identifier is fine at the moment, it is: io.github.erdos/stencil-core. however, the clojure namespaces are quite simple at the time: stencil.api, stencil.util, stencil.types, etc.. and these may collide with other libraries.

Joe Lane15:05:58

ahh, I’m sorry, I didn’t open up the project to check the identifier. Ignore me 🙂

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Ideally you would use something like io.github.erdos.stencil.core


This looks very useful


Released version 0.1.0 of a channel-based interface to Kafka in Clojure (of course):

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:05:54

Released REBL 0.9.168: path, nav->, tap data, sorting

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