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next.jdbc -- -- is moving toward Beta 1. The final breaking change has been made -- renaming reducible! to plan -- has been made. The library will keep its group/artifact ID seancorfield/next.jdbc and namespace structure next.jdbc.* and will not become a Clojure Contrib library, so it will accept PRs on GitHub and will not require a signed CLA. If you have any input/suggestions that might lead to a breaking change, this is going to be your last chance to get them in before the Beta. Only accretive/fixative changes will be made once Beta 1 is released next week.

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(def class-name "java.lang.String")


just doing a quick scan through the code


what is this for?


@emccue A bit of leftover debugging code (a def so I could eval code that referred to a local class-name binding).


Gone now. Thanks for spotting that.