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Hey all, working on a node application that requires exporting methods from defrecord I am using the ^:export tag on the method, but I can’t seem to resolve it through :exports in shadow-cljs.edn any clues?


you can't export methods on a defrecord


you should create a wrapper function and export that


@lilactown In advanced compilation you can

but I guess I am left to creating factory functions for now..


hm, I've never seen that tbh


actually did get this to work. I was calling the method in the deftype definition when I needed to require it from the defprotocol definition


Just a feedback: yesterday I started a toy project in Clojure. I've missed multiple things that are shadow-specific, like the ability to control reloads of code, the hooks after compiling, the watch of files and auto-run tests. So thanks to change my perception of ClojureScript from a clumsy language to one that I really like to use 🙂

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Agreed, the hot-module reloading with the REPL integration is world-class. 🙂 Re: auto-run tests, you might be interested in lein-test-refresh