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This might be more of a general emacs question, and probably a common one coming from someone who is used to IDEs, but this seems like a friendly room! Is there an easy way to dedicate a window to the REPL? I always want my REPL available in the same window. Even after I shut it down and start it up, I’d like it to automatically be in that same window. Is this an odd thing to want? Am I missing the Zen of emacs or something?


Have you heard of layoutsm


You can save and load them to a file


thanks, I will take a peek!


Not weird at all. That's a pretty common desire.


There are libraries that let you do that. I don't know if the libraries that ships with Spacemacs are enough for that, offhand.


@lee EDIT: Sorry, workspaces is not what you are looking for (now I read their docs again)


I never have the repl buffer open myself, I just eval in source code.


You can tell Spacemacs to open the repl buffer when you jack-in (the Clojure layer switches this off) SPC w . opens the window transient state and is a very handy menu for moving windows around.


Help. Anyone know why I can now only undo 3 times? I am using evil-mode and u to undo. Also looking at undo-tree-visualize, I only get three steps of history. Update: I restarted and all is good again... not sure what I did


Thanks, I'll take a look this weekend and see if I can reproduce the issue.


Thanks @zane, I will take a look at those. @jr0cket, thanks for sharing that you eval in source, that’s a good tip. I think it was one of your videos where I learned about evaling to comments, that was a happy moment. I am currently working on macros in cljs using figwheel main for tests - I am finding I need to see the repl buffer during this work to see compilation errors and debug-prn output. Also I am restarting the repl quite a bit for this type of work. Maybe for more normal work I won’t find I need to see the repl buffer.


Sorry, ignore my suggestion about workspaces. I read their docs and its not what I thought.


oh thanks for letting me know!


I seem to used the browser dev console for errors that figwheel doesn't show, but can understand repl buffer is also useful for ClojureScript. Especially as it seems the Cider debugger doesn't work with cljs.


With ClojureScript I eval a lot of swap! statement s to emulate state changes, usually define a handful at the end of the core code base.


The more complex your cljs app, the more times it likely to need a refresh. I have been caught out by the browser cache sometimes too, where changes were not showing, making me restart without need.