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Ahmed Hassan10:05:35

I want to use Pedestal as backend with Rum at frontend. I want to ask what is difference between using Datascript as compared with Citrus for state management.?

Drew Verlee21:05:38

I think of datascript as a in memory database. That is, it has a good query model. Citrius builds on top of datascript and adds facilities that you might want if your using datascript as part of a browser application. As it lists in its features.

Ahmed Hassan11:05:52

Citrus does not build on the top of Datascript. It uses Atom for state.

Drew Verlee13:05:52

yep your right.

Ahmed Hassan11:05:16

I'm trying to put these things in context.

Ahmed Hassan11:05:56

Citrus seems more like Re-frame.

Drew Verlee21:05:00

It is, and the docs say as much. so your on the right track.


There’s a few significant differences between the two: - re-frame has no concept of controllers - event handlers can only ever access the state of their controller - citrus has no subscriptions other than get-in Overall I find some of the choices in citrus make it a bit harder to work with than re-frame