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Morning all… Quick question - how active is rum? It seems like the React version it uses is 16.2, which is Nov 2017. There’s an open issue for 16.3 but that hasn’t been touched in over a year. there were security fixes in 16.4.2 Also reactjs is on 16.8 and has very different ways of doing important things ie hooks.


I'm curious too. @rickmoynihan do you have an idea where the code of rum would be affected? I don't see any mention of hooks in the code


You mean for the security issue?


ah never mind hooks is something new


yeah hooks are a pretty fundamental new thing in react… IIRC some clojurescript frameworks are looking at moving to them… though don’t quote me on that.


To answer your question, this channel is not super active. I think it is partially because rum is simple and doesn't need much support. But as you've observed there hasn't been an update of the React version in a while


Yeah not so worried about the activity in the channel — more that I’m looking to start a new project with a clj backend and cljs front end… and am looking at the front end frameworks. Previously we’ve used re-frame which is much more active; but it didn’t seem to have a good solution to SSR… which always bothered me, and it’s one thing Rum has… though tbh rum’s SSR only solves a small part of the bigger problem.


though it’s early days yet; so whatever I say is probably ignorance on my part


yeah see your point. I'm not sure how many rum developers are active. I consider myself just a user of Rum and only know the bare minimum of React


rum rocks!