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@njj for that stuff think ptransact might help. There is also a nicer implementation in the incubator

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Is Fulcro able to be used as a static site? It seems very much orientated for a full stack approach. At least up to the networking on server side that is.


I’m curious because I’m trying to draw the line as to when Fulcro is a good fit and when it isn’t. At present I’m very interested in how light the bundle size ends up being. There doesn’t seem to be any demo’s of RealWorld or TodoList like most setups have. Ones I have found on Github usually advertise a full stack implementation which has no public live demo.. they also seem to fail when trying to run them. :/


@grounded_sage I just fixed todomvc yesterday…one of the build plugins had gone stale with respect to lein


The answer to your question: The build size for a small app is typically around 256k gzip compressed. A lot of that is core libs and such, and adding more content is “relatively” light (often your text is a good predictor of magnitude). Fit for static site? If you really mean “static”, then I’d say no. Why not just serve hiccup from ring?


If you mean SPA that needs no server interactions, then it depends on how much real data you maniuplate and how dynamic the UI. If you just need some things that CSS anims would work for, then not a good fit


However, if what you want is a desktop-like SPA (independent of full-stack), then Fulcro fits fine


The more you have data that would benefit from normalization (e.g. components that display different views of the same data in multiple places in UI), the better Fulcro fits. Small little apps with little complexity probably won’t benefit much, unless you already just knew the tool and wanted to use it for convenience.


Wow thanks for the super quick response @tony.kay that info definitely answers my questions and aligns with my assumptions. If the application is data heavy/complex then Fulcro is likely the better fit. But for smaller applications then Svelte/Sapper seems to be a better fit (which is what has piqued my interest due to it’s smaller bundle size and perf characteristics).