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Hi. Heading for summer holidays, but [metosin/compojure-api "2.0.0-alpha5"] is out with swagger-support for spec. 2.0.0 will be finalized after holidays, hopefully in August. There is a small demo-app to play with the spec + swagger: Blog going out as soon as it’s reviewed.


Hi folks, I’m trying to use the same metadata handler (via restructure-params) in nested contexts, and it seems only the top-most one has effect. The use case is checking user permissions, which get more granular towards the edges of the routing table…


I’ve been searching through issues and scouring sample projects and cannot find any hints


even println‘s in the restructure-params multimethod isn’t getting called for the nested context‘s


facepalm I figured it out… I break up my different endpoints into separate defapi vars so I can compose them up into the larger routing tree… I had my metadata on defapi, not on a context inside it


right, so maybe defapi should warn if unknown keys/options are passed through?


@kennethkalmer yeah, it should. There could be specs for api options.


specs ftw 🙂


I’m under huge time constraints this week, hence Sunday crunch, but I don’t mind taking a stab at it mid-July


now that I “fixed” it, it was quite a duh moment… took a bit of time though