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I need to do some simple data analysis in Clojure (mostly searching for correlations between numeric datasets). What are some good libraries to look at? (A quick search found Incanter, but it looks like it may not be actively maintained).


@deg OTOH, this is a very simple task, so why does it matter whether is Incanter is actively maintained?


It only matters indirectly. When a library was last updated a few years back, I don't know if it will work with the latest other tooling; if the docs are accurate; if folks have moved on to some other newer or better lib etc. It certainly may be more than good enough for my purposes, but I figured a quick query here could only help me.


Sure, I agree with you completely. I just wanted to point out that there is not much risk here, since correlation should be something that you'll be able to easily rewrite to another library when that time comes, if ever.


@deg I’ve been doing basics with kixi.stats , and using gorilla repl notebook


the ecosystem still has some glaring holes though, need more/better graphs for gorilla repl, and more wrappers around some nice java ml libs