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btw, one of the projects i'm using rewrite-clj in, i'm transforming some information stored in metadata -- there i chose to use namespaced keywords for the metadata so as not to potentially collide with un-namespaced keywords, thinking those perhaps were sort of reserved (e.g. :doc). when i saw :no-doc, i assumed it was an "official" clojure thing. i wonder if whichever documentation projects are using this metadata, have considered putting some namespace prefix you happen to know?


I first saw the syntax in codox, which maybe predates namespaced keywords?


cljdoc makes use of a modified version of codox


thanks for the comment! according to: by @sattvik > Namespace-qualified keywords have existed since the beginning of Clojure, but they have seen relatively little use. i didn't know about them for years, so perhaps it's possible other folks didn't either?


interesting... yeah maybe.