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Guys have a rest on picnic, but hedgehog comes and asks - have you an electrical tape? No, said guys and continued a rest. But in a some time hedgehog comes again and said - guys, it was not easy, but I brought you an electrical tape! 🙂 I brought you a NASO (never again stack overflow) project - micro helper about 50 strings of code, needed one time in a several years 🙂

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Noah Bogart20:04:32

that's super impressive!


thanks for such your assessment of hedgehog's modest toy 🙂

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I know the setup says just copy/paste. But if you only added a qualified namespace to core, then we could easily depend on it from deps.edn.


I thought this would be a plan to buy and shut down StackOverflow. But this is really cool also 🙂


Not this time - I'm still use for regular searching my difficulties 🙂