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Just FYI, for any Windows users: the latest Insider build supports the new WSLg Weston/Wayland stuff so you can run X11 (and Wayland) Linux apps on WSL2 without X410 or VcXsrv/Xlaunch! Reveal runs very nicely “natively” now on WSL2 (Ubuntu) with Microsoft’s new WSL GUI stuff!

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See and for more details. You need Windows 10 build 23162 or later (latest Insider build is 23164).


this sounds amazing!


I saw WSLg demo, very impressive


perhaps I should try those Insiders builds..


I’ve been running fast ring insider builds of Windows for years. Also canary builds of Edge on every device 🙂


reveal Minor update: 1.3.209 adds new close-all-views command that.. uh.. closes all open views

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Super cool! That's is really handy for all of us manic window closers. I updated my emacs-mode to support it.


Hehe yeah. Perhaps I should make a little demo showing how I develop stateful UI components with Reveal and commands... Basically I have a rich comment that opens a bunch of views showing the component in one view, it's state in another, and some controls like resetting state in third


That would be really interesting to see, sounds like a very cool evolution of "regular" views that could be very useful when developing more complex applications