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Are there any clj-kondo users that can help @jtlocsei?


@jtlocsei I use clj-kondo with Cursive (using LSP) and it should just work. Do you see the little green ball in bottom right info area saying that connection to LSP server is established? Are you sure the path to your clj-kondo standalone jar is correct? Are you sure you are using stanalone version? I could have a screen sharing session with you but unfortunately I was suddenly hospitalized last weekend and now mostly laying in bed without my gallbladder and a huge incision carve in my belly and cannot sit. 😀


Ah... I missed that he already got it working with LSP.


@U76D9RZRR I appreciate your offer of help! I got it working before I saw your comment but your comment was still useful because I hadn't noticed the green ball with the connection info. Occasionally the LSP fails to load so it's handy to be able to restart it from the green ball. Good luck with the recovery from your surgery! It sounds like a big surgery.


Heh, I am happy I was able to help anyway. 😀


I will! Thanks!


He just let me know that it works using the LSP plugin