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Bruna Fernandes14:05:33

Hello! That's my first time here! Nubank is looking for a Senior Software Engineers to work for the Data Infra and Streaming Infra (data) teams. Remote within Germany (we provide sponsorship and competitive relocation package 😉) Nubank is a Brazilian company with offices in Berlin, USA, Argentina, Colombia, and México has recently gone public and really relies on Data to provide top-notch financial services. We work with Clojure, Scala, Spark, Flink, Kafka, Datomic, and many other cool technologies. Want to know more: Data Infra - Streaming Infra -, you can go to the office if you want as well! Flexibility! You can message me as well if have questions!

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Welcome, @U03AV4K7CGY! It's great to have you with us. 👋

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Noé Fernández Álvarez16:05:57

Oi @U03AV4K7CGY , may you share how does the interview process is? Loved your product when I was living in Sao Paulo

Bruna Fernandes20:05:10

Glad to know that, @noe.fdz.alvrz! Sure our team here will love the feedback! • Interview of 30 min with leadership; • Specific interview of Data; • Architecture Session; • Pair Programming; • Chat with me and Offer 🤑 Intense but within 3 weeks we can give you an answer