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Ran into a weird issue, ambiance is not defined when re-frame-10x initialize, any ideas?


Having a stacktrace for that error would be helpful.


views.cljs:198 Uncaught ReferenceError: ambiance is not defined
    at Function.day8$re_frame_10x$navigation$views$tab_content_style_factory$ (views.cljs:198:32)
    at Function.eval [as cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$6] (core.cljs:3953:15)
    at Function.eval [as cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$5] (core.cljs:3948:7)
    at Function.eval [as cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$4] (core.cljs:3942:7)
    at Function.eval [as cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$4] (core.cljs:3983:7)
    at Object.day8$re_frame_10x$inlined_deps$spade$git_sha_93ef290$runtime$ensure_style_BANG_ [as ensure_style_BANG_] (runtime.cljc:45:47)
    at Object.day8$re_frame_10x$navigation$views$tab_content_style [as tab_content_style] (views.cljs:196:1)
    at cmp.day8$re_frame_10x$navigation$views$tab_content [as reagentRender] (views.cljs:210:17)
    at eval (component.cljs:86:28)


I think this error caused following one

component.cljs:126 Error rendering component (in day8.re_frame_10x.navigation.views.tab_content)
day8$re_frame_10x$inlined_deps$reagent$v1v0v0$reagent$impl$component$do_render	@	component.cljs:126
eval	@	component.cljs:271
day8$re_frame_10x$inlined_deps$reagent$v1v0v0$reagent$ratom$in_context	@	ratom.cljs:46
day8$re_frame_10x$inlined_deps$reagent$v1v0v0$reagent$ratom$deref_capture	@	ratom.cljs:59
day8$re_frame_10x$inlined_deps$reagent$v1v0v0$reagent$ratom$run_in_reaction	@	ratom.cljs:541
day8$re_frame_10x$inlined_deps$reagent$v1v0v0$reagent$impl$component$wrap_funs_$_render	@	component.cljs:271
finishClassComponent	@	react-dom.development.js:17486
updateClassComponent	@	react-dom.development.js:17436
beginWork	@	react-dom.development.js:19074
beginWork$1	@	react-dom.development.js:23941
performUnitOfWork	@	react-dom.development.js:22780
workLoopSync	@	react-dom.development.js:22708
renderRootSync	@	react-dom.development.js:22671
performSyncWorkOnRoot	@	react-dom.development.js:22294
scheduleUpdateOnFiber	@	react-dom.development.js:21882
updateContainer	@	react-dom.development.js:25483
eval	@	react-dom.development.js:26022
unbatchedUpdates	@	react-dom.development.js:22432
legacyRenderSubtreeIntoContainer	@	react-dom.development.js:26021
exports.render	@	react-dom.development.js:26104
day8$re_frame_10x$inlined_deps$reagent$v1v0v0$reagent$dom$render_comp	@	dom.cljs:18
eval	@	dom.cljs:48
eval	@	dom.cljs:38
day8$re_frame_10x$inject_BANG_	@	re_frame_10x.cljs:130
day8$re_frame_10x$init_BANG_	@	re_frame_10x.cljs:148
eval	@	preload.cljs:9


What is ambiance? Is it a theme?


It's just a variable at that location mentioned in the error. The code doesn't look outright wrong or suspicious, but there's a very involved macro so no idea. I'd try cleaning the cache and building the project once more. If that doesn't help, you could try creating a minimal reproducible example - I'd take a look at it to determine what's wrong.


I just clean the .shadow-cljs and met a completely different error. I'll try more to bring more useful information.

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Just in case - you should restar shadow-cljs process as well.


Yep, I restarted after I remove the cache


It may not be caused by re-frame-10x, I see this message at beginning when I cleared the cache. the above error occurred when loading "cljs.pprint.js". Any additional errors after that one may be the result of that failure. In general your code cannot be trusted to execute properly after such a failure. Make sure to fix the first one before looking at others.


And what was that quoted "above error"?


$f is undefined


Thanks anyway, I'll go for my own investigation.


Ha, I think I solved it. I think is caused by some bad build from node_modules

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Is it possible to make the "Event history" window taller in re-frame-10x?


There's an issue about that. I don't think it has been implemented yet.

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