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Hey Clojurians!!!!! Looking for a Clojure Dev Freelancer for a LONG TERM, FULLY REMOTE contract, working on a pretty cool project in the European Fintech sector!!! Team is fully REMOTE, super friendly & located across Europe 🙂 Tech Stack: Clojure + ClojureScript codebase, AWS lambda, SQS, postgres, ElasticSearch for services, Jenkins + ansible for devops pipelines. Can be located Worldwide, but MUST be able to work to European / CET Hours! Ability to do Front End, Back End or DevOps tasks, as you prefer!!! 😄 Drop me a DM if interested

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Do you happen to like clojure and want to teach computers what good food tastes like? We work on high-performance services, ground breaking machine learning systems, search engines, and recommendation systems? Are you passionate about the combination of functional programming and infrastructure: automation? ps: we were a distributed team before it was cool covid 😉 or just ask me or course.

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