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@stuartrexking try the eval-pprint commands when evaluating in the source code buffer - e.g. cider-pprint-eval-last-sexp or cider-pprint-eval-last-sexp-to-comment . This approach works with cider configured to use puget, so assume it should also work with zprint.


CIDER 1.3 ("Ukraine") is out! More details -

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ℹ️ It is good time to upgrade clj-refactor/refactor-nrepl as well! If you're a fan of cljr-slash and Stuart Sierra's, you are in luck: now it will offer completions for newly created namespaces, even if those haven't been aliased elsewhere in the codebase. e.g. if I create a new namespace called, then in another ns I'll be able to type foo<slash> (or<slash>) and cljr-slash will insert a :as foo libspec in the ns form. I'm finding this crazy useful.


is there a way to have indentation pick up specs from the :cljfmt key in lein project.clj ?


See You could create a piece of Lein middleware that translates+dumps the cljfmt config to a .dir-locals file, setting cider-format-code-options The pattern would look like this:

:middleware  [~(do
                 (intern 'user
                         (fn [project]
                           (println "Do your work here with " (:cljfmt project))


If you create something interesting or could use some help, feel free to ping me, I'd be happy for someone to contribute this for everyone to use :) (but other than that I don't happen to need it on a personal level)


mmm, I'm talking about cider-format, which is a different feature from cider indentation But the principle is similar: you create Lein middleware that dumps an .el file Instead of targeting cider it should target clojure-mode. You would generate a bunch of put-clojure-indent calls. An example: As for how to convert a "cljfmt indent" to a "clojure-mode indent spec", here's some inspiration:


ok, thanks for the pointers!

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