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Hello emacs clojure friends. Who uses lispy and evil and has a story for multiple cursors? Using evil-mc seems to be clunky


Also it can brake undo


I've used evil-mc with evil-cleverparens and havent experienced any clunkyness. I've not experienced any issues undoing changes from evil-mc. Havent used lispy I'm afraid.


+1 for evil-cleverparens, I tried lispy but too many things wouldn’t work quite right.

Simion Iulian Belea20:03:24

I use lispy, evil and evil-mc+multi-edit. Now issues so far.

Simion Iulian Belea20:03:15

though, I still need to get used to the different shortucts and modes for creating multiple edits with mc and multiedit


is evil cleverparens still maintained by anyone? hasn't been updated in years and i had to fork it for some minor fixes