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Hey folks, a recruiter (<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) reached out to me about this job. I’m not currently looking, but it sounds like it could be pretty interesting. tl;dr: remote Clojure lead engineer at a that does SaaS for pharma/biotech, including a synthetic control arm product that sounds neat. I’ve got no special knowledge about it or stake in it, just passing it along in case folks are interested.;jvi=osmLefwx,Job&amp;j=osmLefwx&amp;__jvst=Employee%20Referral&amp;__jvsd=sPOS7hwo&amp;__jvsc=email&amp;bid=nByThUwI (PS - I’m currently working at Reify Health, which is in a somewhat similar space, and is also looking for remote Clojure/ClojureScript devs. I’m really enjoying it so far, two months in, some very smart programmers there. Feel free to hit me up with questions or see the Can’t plug another company without at least mentioning Reify in passing 🙂 )

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Elliot Stern19:05:15

Can confirm, Reify Health is quite nice so far.


Hello - realized my post above (Barracuda) was a bit wordy - more succinctly - We're looking for Principal (2) and Senior (1) clojure engineers. Our team is responsible for ingest pipeline and search, and a variety of feature-driven API endpoints. It's all happening at a fairly large scale, and growing, so it takes some fearless engineering and we're always looking for ways to improve performance or the operational aspects of the service. We're about detecting security threats, so timely response is critical. We accept new data streams and suffice feature requests. Looking to add engineers to the team who are confident enough to take calculated risks, test the heck out any change to ensure no negative impact to the customers, and embrace best practices regarding large-scale distributed systems - in design and operation. My management style is to provide space and autonomy (read: not micromanage), buffer you from unnecessary overhead (aka meetings, negative pressure), and to work together on how you want to grow professionally, and with the company. DM me if you want to hear more.

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My favorite management style by far!

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Hi all. We're looking to hire a senior Clojure engineer. If you want to spend your entire day writing Clojure code, you'll love this job. Open to remote. DM me or send an email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>.