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When I have two cljs repls connected to the current project (one web, one react-native), how do I switch between them? I.e. how do I determine which repl cider-eval-last-sexp goes?


it's based on which one last had point in it (the cursor). so focus the one you want and then all forms will be evaluated there

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I'm in a .cljs file trying to cider-connect-cljs, but Cider tells me that there's an existing clj repl and I should connect a sibling, so I run cider-connect-sibling-cljs but it throws an error "no cljs REPLs in current session". Am I missing something? That's the whole reason for trying to connect a sibling


Ok, I figured out that I have to be in a .clj buffer in order to connect a cljs sibling, and vice versa (if the session only has a cljs repl, I have to navigate to a cljs file and then connect-sibling-clj). Is this the right mental model? I find it quite unintuitive, especially if there are no files of the other type at all


file a ticket about that. that sounds quite weird

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Agreed. Seems like a bug.


At this point the session management code is definitely the most problematic part of CIDER's code.


It needs a lot of love.


Also, is there any indication of errrors when evaluating Clojurescript forms? I'm not expecting full stack traces like with the JVM, just anything to distinguish it from the evaluation returning nil