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Tyler Nisonoff18:05:13

how are folks automatically signing out clients if their session is invalidated server side? I’ve been following the auth example in RAD to check the session, which will check the session once on pageload, (via the UISM auth-machine), but what if halfway through using the app, the redis session store is invalided? My pathom queries / mutations will stop returning results for data that requires proper authorization, but this can look like data loss to the clients.

Tyler Nisonoff18:05:58

perhaps checking the session in ring middleware, and utilizing custom response-middleware in the client?


yeah, that sounds like the right kind of move. also could do a pathom plugin:


i am trying to upload an image using

(blob/upload-file! this :file/sha fname {:file-ident (comp/get-ident this)})
What is the proper format for fname? I tried a BLOB and a string filename.


Will FormData work?