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Hi, my company, is looking for a remote programmer. Full-time/Part-time. Our stack is Node/JS + Clojure/ClojureScript. Please let me know if you are keen, or pass our details on to anyone who might be looking for a position. Thanks!!


@naartjie: Are you considering people that are new to Clojure? I’ve been toying with this amazing language for quite some time, but no real experience on production systems though. I do have extensive experience with Node/JS.


@janvanryswyck: Yes we are indeed. That sounds like a great fit actually. I'm upskiling from Node/JS to Clojure myself


Let me DM you


awesome @naartjie. do you guys have a job posting we can look at, or any timezones you’re looking for?


@chris: don't have a posting, no. timezone GMT+2 or as close as possible


@chris: closest to a posting 😉 We are, and are looking for a functional programmer, preferably with experience in Clojure, but not a must. We are using Node/JS (legacy), and Clojure/ClojureScript (for new stuff) + Android/iOS. Bonus if you know ReactNative.


@naartjie: i am intrested in the post, seems fun

Alan Thompson21:03:15

@naartjie: You should also send a message to the Clojure email list: <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


@cloojure: thanks, you don't think it will be considered spammy there?

Alan Thompson22:03:53

@naartjie: No, job listings are normal there and welcome