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Hi, my company, is looking for a remote programmer. Full-time/Part-time. Our stack is Node/JS + Clojure/ClojureScript. Please let me know if you are keen, or pass our details on to anyone who might be looking for a position. Thanks!!


hey guys, I’m looking for a cljs dev (game development experience a plus) for a reagent based ux project. We're a startup based in China and so initially it’ll be remote/project based work. Please ping me if you’re interested (<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) with your resume and previous creations.


@zcaudate: Sounds awesome. If I hadn't already been doing Clojure(Script) in another game dev startup, I would have applied. Good luck!


@zcaudate: if you’ve tweeted that, please pm me the link and i’ll RT as well


@robert-stuttaford: I haven’t… thanks for vouching for me, though right now... I’m happy with less rather than more applications because it’s seriously time consuming.