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I’m one of the developers on the team that @b2berry posted about above, and I’ll just toss out there that it’s a really solid team — smart folks, fun to work with, and some interesting code to work on. He’s the best person to hit up with questions, but I’m also happy to provide info if anyone wants to PM me.


@b2berry: what timezones are you guys looking for?


@b2berry I’m interested in the clojure job as well


@chris: We are EST timezone but are not necessarily restricting timezones at the moment. Generally though we’ll make a selection that is most compatible with the team, PST isn’t out of the question at all but, for example, having worked with friends from Thailand (UTC +7) in the past, developers passing in the night might be a challenge and a poor fit for this project.


I’ll reach out to folks over DM to put together time to chat about the positions. I’m on vacation next week but will do the best I can to reach out to everyone before then. Cheers!


cool. I’m EST too. what level of experience are you looking for?


We’re looking for folks who have a fair amount of “stick time” with clojure. We’d prefer folks to have put at least a few systems into production, or some open source libraries/contributions we can look at. This project involves clojurescript front end, clojure backend and datomic so sufficient experience with at least one of these is desired, but not required to be competent in all three, necessarily.


cool. I wish you guys luck!


The process for applying will look something like this: - Initial phone call to discuss the position and each other’s objectives: is this a fit? - Technical discussion with the team - Technical challenge / code exercise issued - Final round / selection