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java-http-clj 0.4.3 has been released! this release moves all specs to a separate namespace which means that the lib is now compatible with Babashka babashka

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ping @U04V15CAJ :thumbsup:


It's compatible with the newest babashka release that will probably come out later this week. Thank you @U3L6TFEJF!

lread22:08:02 - Test AsciiDoc and CommonMark code blocks found in articles and docstrings • now supports (refer-clojure …) in doc code blocks - a feature triggered by HoneySQL’s docs.

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kingmob22:08:47 is out. Only change is to bump some deps to modern versions. If nobody complains, alpha6 will be promoted to 0.1.9, and then I’ll start on 0.2.0 with a bunch of the waiting Yummly bug fixes and features.

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