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Re: F1 and the Sunday basically cancelled race. I don’t have old/exact TV footage, but I think I remember in the late 90s there were races that proceeded in pretty crazy rain/weather. Do you guys recall that?


Those two were pretty wild: 2003 Brazil 1998 Belgium … I guess the rain does not look as bad as the one today. At least it wasn’t permanent rain.


Japan 76 was pretty crazy


Oh wow, that does look pretty much like Spa today.


I’ve only been really following F1 since mid 90s or so. But I’m aware that the 70s were a different time in terms of safety, etc.


to be fair the cars were a lot different back then


but yeah I can't imagine visibility being much better than spa today


different safety standards :)


For sure. I guess every decade or so, the level of what is acceptable as safe in F1 is upped significantly.


As I recall Adelaide 1991 was one of the all time craziest. Only Senna managed to stay on track (more or less lapping everyone - especially as nearly everyone crashed out). And even he called for the race to be stopped. Waaaayyy worse than yesterday. I think this was also the one where a rearview camera of a car picked up Senna coming out of a cloud so close and fast that he clipped his right front. Then proceeded to get around the track faster on 3 wheels than anyone else on 4.

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Just ordered my first Mac with a M1 processor. Is there anything Clojure-related that won’t work / needs further setting up?


For me there was a whole bunch of stuff, but nothing for Clojure projects


if you’re into cljsrn there’s a couple of things, but also not on the clojure side of things


Thanks! Want to start with cljsrn in the next weeks, so timing is great 😁


If Docker is part of your workflow at all, that might also introduce some issues, as many images lack the platform support for M1.


Turns out, the Docker thing had quite a big impact. Need some Docker images for the project that won’t run on my laptop, so I spun up a Server in the Cloud, configured it with docker-machine as remote host and use that now. Not nice, but also not a dealbreaker, the rest of it runs pretty well


I don't know an awful lot about the Docker M1 issues, but I do know that we recently changed our Dockerfile's adoptopenjdk/openjdk11:alpine-jre base to eclipse-temurin:11-focal for M1 support. 🤷