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I wanted to poke since it’s a bit of a pain point for us at work, Could the issue at least be reopened?

Alys Brooks15:08:12

Thanks for bringing this up! Are you having the same issue as Andrea (all logs are printed to stdout; using or is it logs originating in Java code that aren't being captured?


We’re having the same issue as Andrea. We’re using pedestal’s logging which works via slf4j, and we’re using logback as the implementation. We’re calling pedestal’s API in clojure, but the logs are likely being actually written in java code in the logback dependency

Alys Brooks15:08:37

Ahh yes, I reproduced the issue in one of our repositories for a client that uses ch.qos.logback.core.ConsoleAppender . I think you're right about needing to use setOut / setErr .

Alys Brooks15:08:26

I can probably start on a fix soon, unless you'd be interested in submitting a PR?


I wish! Unfortunately I don’t have the time at the moment. PR away


I also advertised the issue at my company, so it’s possible that someone else might take a stab at it, but I wouldn’t let that get in your way

Alys Brooks22:08:51

Okay. I often try to prioritize fixes like this (small and addressing a glaring bug), so I'll probably do it over the next few days.


@U01EB0V3H39 since your company seems to depend on Kaocha but is not able to make a contribution, maybe consider pointing them at our OpenCollective :


We are also happy to work with you directly to help improve your use of Kaocha


I’ll bring it up!

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